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Family of Seymour OWENS and Belle Lee FINEMAN

Husband: Seymour OWENS (1921-2004)
Wife: Belle Lee FINEMAN
Children: Paul Tobias OWENS
Leon Joseph OWENS
Madeline OWENS
Albert OWENS

Husband: Seymour OWENS

Name: Seymour OWENS
Sex: Male
Father: Leon COHEN ( - )
Mother: Dorothy Ann ( - )
Birth Feb 22, 1921 Souwalki, Poland
Death Apr 14, 2004 (age 83) Los Angeles, CA

Wife: Belle Lee FINEMAN

Name: Belle Lee FINEMAN
Sex: Female
Father: Louis FINEMAN ( - )
Mother: Gertrude ( - )

Child 1: Paul Tobias OWENS

Name: Paul Tobias OWENS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lee FIELDS

Child 2: Leon Joseph OWENS

Name: Leon Joseph OWENS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mishelle ROSS

Child 3: Madeline OWENS

Name: Madeline OWENS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Kenneth WOLF

Child 4: Albert OWENS

Name: Albert OWENS
Sex: Male