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Family of Charles (Louis) CHARNES and Shprinze WASSERZUG

Husband: Charles (Louis) CHARNES ( - )
Wife: Shprinze WASSERZUG (c. 1860-c. 1925)
Children: Rachel "Rae" LOUIS ( - )

Husband: Charles (Louis) CHARNES

Name: Charles (Louis) CHARNES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Shprinze WASSERZUG

Name: Shprinze WASSERZUG
Sex: Female
Father: Moses Selig WASSERZUG (1830-1881)
Mother: Rachel ROKEACH (c. 1831-1878)
Birth c. 1860 Werbelow
Death c. 1925 (age 64-65) New York, Manhattan, NY

Child 1: Rachel "Rae" LOUIS

Name: Rachel "Rae" LOUIS
Sex: Female