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Family of Thomas TABB and Mary T. BOLLING

Husband: Thomas TABB (1783-bef1823)
Wife: Mary T. BOLLING ( - )
Children: Thomas B. TABB ( -c. 1860)

Husband: Thomas TABB

Name: Thomas TABB
Sex: Male
Father: John TABB (1736-1798)
Mother: Frances Cook PEYTON (1752-1828)
Birth May 9, 1783
Death bef 1823 (age 39-40)

Wife: Mary T. BOLLING

Name: Mary T. BOLLING
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas Tabb BOLLING (1763-1810)
Mother: Seigniora PEYTON (1767- )

Child 1: Thomas B. TABB

Name: Thomas B. TABB
Sex: Male
Death c. 1860