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Family of Oscar ENGLANDER and Betty VAN CLEEF

Husband: Oscar ENGLANDER (1886-1961)
Wife: Betty VAN CLEEF (1886-1972)
Children: Dorothy Amelia ENGLANDER

Husband: Oscar ENGLANDER

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jan 19, 1886 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Death Jul, 1961 (age 75) Cleveland, OH

Wife: Betty VAN CLEEF

Name: Betty VAN CLEEF
Sex: Female
Father: Herman VAN CLEEF (1860- )
Mother: Amelia BAUM (1861- )
Birth Nov, 1886 Milwaukee, WI
Death Jun, 1972 (age 85) Cleveland, OH

Child 1: Dorothy Amelia ENGLANDER

Name: Dorothy Amelia ENGLANDER
Sex: Female
Spouse: J. William DEUTSCH (1911-1987)