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Family of Charles BINKOW and Ruth Solomon LONG

Husband: Charles BINKOW (1919-1998)
Wife: Ruth Solomon LONG
Children: Amanda BINKOW
Phillip BINKOW

Husband: Charles BINKOW

Name: Charles BINKOW
Sex: Male
Father: Abraham (Binkow) BINKOVICH (1888-1957)
Mother: Vera (1889- )
Birth Oct 28, 1919
Death May 25, 1998 (age 78)

Wife: Ruth Solomon LONG

Name: Ruth Solomon LONG
Sex: Female
Father: Harry Mordecai LONG ( - )
Mother: Annie SOLOMON ( - )

Child 1: Amanda BINKOW

Name: Amanda BINKOW
Sex: Female
Spouse: Randy WITTENBERG ( - )

Child 2: Harry BINKOW

Name: Harry BINKOW
Sex: Male

Child 3: Phillip BINKOW

Name: Phillip BINKOW
Sex: Male