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Family of Ken CRAWFORD and Phyllis MICHELSON

Husband: Ken CRAWFORD
Wife: Phyllis MICHELSON (1953-2011)
Children: Jenna CRAWFORD
Rachel CRAWFORD (1991-2017)

Husband: Ken CRAWFORD

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Phyllis MICHELSON

Name: Phyllis MICHELSON
Sex: Female
Father: Richard B. MICHELSON (1927-2005)
Mother: Barbara Ann JACOBY (1932-1984)
Birth Sep 18, 1953 Flint, MI
Death Jan, 2011 (age 57)

Child 1: Jenna CRAWFORD

Name: Jenna CRAWFORD
Sex: Female

Child 2: Rachel CRAWFORD

Name: Rachel CRAWFORD
Sex: Female
Birth 1991
Death Mar 29, 2017 (age 25-26)