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Family of Lawrence Henry ADLER and Phyllis CANZANELLI

Husband: Lawrence Henry ADLER (1927-1982)
Wife: Phyllis CANZANELLI (1929-1984)
Children: Perry Leithson ADLER
Marriage 1954

Husband: Lawrence Henry ADLER

Name: Lawrence Henry ADLER
Sex: Male
Father: Aaron Harry ADLER (1902-1963)
Mother: Lena BLAU (1901-1944)
Birth Mar 2, 1927 New York, NY
Death Jul 12, 1982 (age 55) Cambridge, MA

Wife: Phyllis CANZANELLI

Name: Phyllis CANZANELLI
Sex: Female
Father: Pericles "Perry" CANZANELLI (1901-1997)
Mother: Stephanie VELARDO ( - )
Birth Feb 18, 1929 Boston, Suffolk County, MA
Death 1984 (age 54-55)

Child 1: Perry Leithson ADLER

Name: Perry Leithson ADLER
Sex: Male