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Family of Edward Francis SCHWARTZ and Evelyn GOLDBERG

Husband: Edward Francis SCHWARTZ (1927-2013)
Wife: Evelyn GOLDBERG
Children: Alan Edward SCHWARTZ
Stuart Robert SCHWARTZ
Elizabeth SCHWARTZ

Husband: Edward Francis SCHWARTZ

Name: Edward Francis SCHWARTZ
Sex: Male
Father: Ervin H. SCHWARTZ (1898-1960)
Mother: Georgie KRAKAUER (1900-1989)
Birth Jul 19, 1927 El Paso, El Paso County, TX
Death Jul 29, 2013 (age 86) El Paso, El Paso County, TX
Burial Aug 1, 2013 El Paso, El Paso County, TX

Wife: Evelyn GOLDBERG

Name: Evelyn GOLDBERG
Sex: Female
Father: Abe GOLDBERG ( - )
Mother: Frieda ROSENBERG ( - )

Child 1: Alan Edward SCHWARTZ

Name: Alan Edward SCHWARTZ
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gail SHERIDAN ( - )

Child 2: Jane SCHWARTZ

Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert SNOW ( - )

Child 3: Stuart Robert SCHWARTZ

Name: Stuart Robert SCHWARTZ
Sex: Male
Spouse: Shari SWIFF

Child 4: Elizabeth SCHWARTZ

Name: Elizabeth SCHWARTZ
Sex: Female
Spouse: Michael WEIGAND ( - )

Note on Husband: Edward Francis SCHWARTZ

Edward was raised in El Paso, attending Dudley School and El Paso High

School. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before

enlisting in the U.S Navy in 1945. After his honorable discharge, he

entered the University of Texas at Austin, graduating with a Bachelor

of Business Administration in 1949. Edward began his retail career as

an executive trainee at Macy's in San Francisco. He returned to El

Paso and married his college sweetheart, Evelyn Goldberg, and began

his career at The Popular, being named President in 1961 and becoming

Chairman of the Board and CEO in 1987. He continued in that capacity

until the Popular closed in 1996. "Mr. Edward" as he was

affectionally known, considered each and every employee of the Popular

as part of his extended family. "Lalo's" greatest pleasure in life

was spending time with his family and he was especially proud of each

of his grandchildren.

Edward believed that civic and community involvement was an obligation

and an honor, carrying on a three-generation tradition of supporting

El Paso. This was just one of the many lessons he and Evelyn instilled

in their children. Edward gave countless hours to numerous

organizations, serving as Chairman or President of the boards of

Temple Mt. Sinai, the El Paso Chamber of Commerce, the El Paso Housing

Authority, the El Paso Symphony Orchestra Association and Coronado

High School PTA, and was a long-time board member of Providence

Memorial Hospital until the hospital was sold in 1995. He served on

the boards of the El Paso National Bank (Texas Commerce Bank), United

Way of El Paso County, Renaissance 400, the UTEP Development Board, El

Paso YMCA, El Paso Child Guidance Center, Coronado Country Club,

Better Business Bureau of El Paso, the Texas Retailer's Association

and the National Retail Federation.