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Family of Mitchell ROBINSON and Eva Dora KARESH

Husband: Mitchell ROBINSON ( - )
Wife: Eva Dora KARESH (1892-1923)
Children: Rudolph ROBINSON
Irving M. ROBINSON (1918-1994)

Husband: Mitchell ROBINSON

Name: Mitchell ROBINSON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Eva Dora KARESH

Name: Eva Dora KARESH
Sex: Female
Father: Israel Moses KARESH (c. 1848-1899)
Mother: Kalie KRAWCHECK (c. 1848-1919)
Birth Dec 29, 1892
Death Oct 29, 1923 (age 30) Charleston, SC

Child 1: Rudolph ROBINSON

Name: Rudolph ROBINSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Muriel SUSAN

Child 2: Irving M. ROBINSON

Name: Irving M. ROBINSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eve Roselee "Dolly" SOLOMON ( -1987)
Birth Jun 24, 1918 Charleston, SC
Death May 6, 1994 (age 75)

Child 3: Klyde ROBINSON

Name: Klyde ROBINSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Claire