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Family of Lyle Campbell TABB and Virginia Burns DUFF

Husband: Lyle Campbell TABB (1920-1994)
Wife: Virginia Burns DUFF
Children: Lyle Campbell TABB
Walter Creighton TABB
Robert Carter TABB
Virginia Louise TABB
David Charles TABB
Howard Clark TABB

Husband: Lyle Campbell TABB

Name: Lyle Campbell TABB
Sex: Male
Father: James Elliott TABB (1873-1959)
Mother: Anna Lee CARTER (1882-1955)
Birth Feb 18, 1920 Vinemont, Jefferson County, WV
Title II
Death Jan 15, 1994 (age 73) Winchester, Frederick County, VA
Burial Jan 19, 1994 Charles Town, WV

Wife: Virginia Burns DUFF

Name: Virginia Burns DUFF
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Lyle Campbell TABB

Name: Lyle Campbell TABB
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane Louise MILLER

Child 2: Walter Creighton TABB

Name: Walter Creighton TABB
Sex: Male

Child 3: Robert Carter TABB

Name: Robert Carter TABB
Sex: Male
Spouse: Nancy Kathryn PAYNE

Child 4: Virginia Louise TABB

Name: Virginia Louise TABB
Sex: Female
Spouse: Tracy Keith STUTLER

Child 5: David Charles TABB

Name: David Charles TABB
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Leslie Ann MOERSCHEL
Spouse 2: Nadine "Peachie" FADELEY

Child 6: Howard Clark TABB

Name: Howard Clark TABB
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lori Ann BANE