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Family of Louis HUTKOFF and Helen Gould COBLE

Husband: Louis HUTKOFF (1882-1966)
Wife: Helen Gould COBLE (1891-1978)
Children: Myra Jeanne HUTKOFF (Bohm)
Marriage 1913
Divorce Jul 13, 1918

Husband: Louis HUTKOFF

Name: Louis HUTKOFF
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Apr 10, 1882 New York, NY
Death Jun, 1966 (age 84) New York, NY

Wife: Helen Gould COBLE

Name: Helen Gould COBLE
Sex: Female
Father: Robert COBLE (1864-1924)
Mother: Pauline BLOCH (1868-1920)
Birth Feb 18, 1891 New York, NY
Death Aug 26, 1978 (age 87) Williamsville, Erie County, NY

Child 1: Myra Jeanne HUTKOFF (Bohm)

Name: Myra Jeanne HUTKOFF (Bohm)
Sex: Female
Spouse: Philip MOWAT (1919-1970)