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Family of Irving "Karl" Elsworth ALLOWITZ and Josephine "Joyce" Elizabeth BORG

  • Husband:

  • Irving "Karl" Elsworth ALLOWITZ (1936-2000)

  • Wife:

  • Josephine "Joyce" Elizabeth BORG (1941-1987)

  • Children:

  • Tammi Ann ALLOWITZ



  • Marriage:

  • Aug 27, 1960

  • Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Husband: Irving "Karl" Elsworth ALLOWITZ

Wife: Josephine "Joyce" Elizabeth BORG

Child 1: Tammi Ann ALLOWITZ

Child 2: Lisa ALLOWITZ

Note on Husband: Irving "Karl" Elsworth ALLOWITZ

Irving, known as Karl, after his uncle, was a kind, pleasant man.

Everyone loved him, he knew no strangers and would help anyone who was

in need. He was a happy man and always smiling.

After he got out of the Navy, he met Joyce Borg and they wed.

After several miscarriages and delivery of twins, one still birth and

one living only a short time, they had two daughters, Tammi and Lisa.

Karl was an entrepreneur and owned and operated several different

business, relocating very often.

In 1987, his wife, Joyce, died. This was highly traumatic for him and

his daughters.

His relationship with his daughters was great. He had three

grandchildren, Sean, Blaine and Lauren. They were the greatest part of

his life. After his wife Joyce died, throughout the rest of his life,

though he had his own house, he lived with his daughter and her

family, acting as a better role model to his grandchildren than their

own father.

He was a supportive father, the most wonderful grandfather and a very

good man.

Karl was a heavy smoker, unfortunately, and was diagnosed with

emphysema. In 12/1999 he underwent an uncalled for open heart surgery

and due to the condition of his lungs could not recover. Six months of

suffering later due to this procedure he passed away with his daughter

by his side.

- Tammi Allowitz

Note on Wife: Josephine "Joyce" Elizabeth BORG

Joyce was one of the most beautiful people one could ever meet. She

was loving and kind to everyone who knew her. She was strong and had

very sound morals and ethics.

Joyce arrived in the US from Malta when she was a teen. She lived with

her parents and 6 siblings. She grew up Catholic and went to a

Catholic school.

Elvis Presley was her heart throb, she even cut her hair like his when

she was a teen. Her mother was very strict and this definitetly did

not go over well with her.

Joyce was very family oriented and was very close to her mother and

siblings, she was the second oldest of seven. Her younger sisters

looked up to her and always were extremely close to her. Her youngest

sister thought of her as a second mother.

She met Irving "Karl" Allowitz and they wed.

She had several miscarriages and then delivered twins of which one

still born and one living only a short time.

Joyce had a heart problem and had open heart surgery twice to replace

a valve. After the first she was told she should not have children.

She did though, she had two daughters, Tammi and Lisa.

She spoiled her daughters with love and affection. They had a very

unique and special closeness. She was proud of her daughters and

brought them up well.

When her first grandchild, Sean, was born, she was like a mother to

him. She spent all her time with him and he loved her dearly.

When Joyce was 45, ten days before Sean's second birthday, she

unexpectedly passed away from heart failure. This was a most tragic

event for this family and the trauma sadly changed the course of life

for all members.

Though it has been many years this writer still thinks of her daily

and misses her immensely.

- Tammi