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Family of Burt URDANK and Cecile Johanna HEIMBERGER

Husband: Burt URDANK ( -c. 1963)
Wife: Cecile Johanna HEIMBERGER (1916-2004)
Children: Jeffrey Dell URDANK

Husband: Burt URDANK

Name: Burt URDANK
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death c. 1963 Los Angeles, CA

Wife: Cecile Johanna HEIMBERGER

Name: Cecile Johanna HEIMBERGER
Sex: Female
Father: Emil HEIMBERGER (1889-1978)
Mother: Rose Brilles PEARLSTINE (1884-1972)
Birth Apr 12, 1916 New York, NY
Death May, 2004 (age 88) Green Valley, AZ

Child 1: Jeffrey Dell URDANK

Name: Jeffrey Dell URDANK
Sex: Male

Child 2: Samuel URDANK

Name: Samuel URDANK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jennie