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Family of Isadore "Bill" Moses KARESH and Ann "Elsie" Janice COHEN

Husband: Isadore "Bill" Moses KARESH (1900-1965)
Wife: Ann "Elsie" Janice COHEN (1902-1999)
Children: William Lewis KARESH (1930-1996)
Marriage Jun 17, 1928 Greensboro, NC

Husband: Isadore "Bill" Moses KARESH

Name: Isadore "Bill" Moses KARESH
Sex: Male
Father: Hyman KARESH (1872-1955)
Mother: Rachel PEARLSTINE (1875-1943)
Birth Jan 1, 1900 South Carolina
Death Jun 2, 1965 (age 65) Greensboro, NC

Wife: Ann "Elsie" Janice COHEN

Name: Ann "Elsie" Janice COHEN
Sex: Female
Father: Abraham COHEN ( - )
Mother: Lena LAND ( - )
Birth Apr 24, 1902 Durham, NC
Death Aug 6, 1999 (age 97) Clemmons, NC

Child 1: William Lewis KARESH

Name: William Lewis KARESH
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 10, 1930 Lincolnton, NC
Death Jan 1, 1996 (age 65) Greensboro, NC

Note on Husband: Isadore "Bill" Moses KARESH

Died from a fall. Hebrew name Yisrael Moshe ben Chaim.