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Family of Herschel COOPER and Marjorie Therese PEARLSTINE

Husband: Herschel COOPER (1924-1995)
Wife: Marjorie Therese PEARLSTINE
Children: Stephanie Ann COOPER
Darrell Bryan COOPER (1954-1994)

Husband: Herschel COOPER

Name: Herschel COOPER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jun 24, 1924 Savannah, GA
Death Feb, 1995 (age 70) Columbia, Richland County, SC

Wife: Marjorie Therese PEARLSTINE

Name: Marjorie Therese PEARLSTINE
Sex: Female
Father: Samuel Hyams PEARLSTINE (1896-1974)
Mother: Edna VINEBERG (1901-1980)

Child 1: Stephanie Ann COOPER

Name: Stephanie Ann COOPER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Alan Charles SHULMAN

Child 2: Darrell Bryan COOPER

Name: Darrell Bryan COOPER
Sex: Male
Birth Nov 16, 1954
Death 1994 (age 39-40) Columbia, Richland County, SC