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Family of Robert McCurdy MARSH and Charlotte DELAFIELD

Husband: Robert McCurdy MARSH (1878-1958)
Wife: Charlotte DELAFIELD (1888-1986)
Children: Charlotte MARSH
Marriage 1921 New York, NY

Husband: Robert McCurdy MARSH

Name: Robert McCurdy MARSH
Sex: Male
Father: Elias Joseph MARSH (1835-1908)
Mother: Sarah Lord MCCURDY (1842-1914)
Birth 1878 Patterson, NJ
Occupation Attorney
Death 1958 (age 79-80) New London, CT

Wife: Charlotte DELAFIELD

Name: Charlotte DELAFIELD
Sex: Female
Father: Lewis Livingston DELAFIELD ( - )
Mother: Charlotte WYETH ( - )
Birth 1888 Riverdale, NY
Death 1986 (age 97-98) St. Louis, MO

Child 1: Charlotte MARSH

Name: Charlotte MARSH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Donald H. ELDREDGE (1921-2008)