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Family of Herbert ROBISON and Mona EFROS

Husband: Herbert ROBISON (1920-2008)
Wife: Mona EFROS (1925-1999)
Children: Michael D. ROBISON
Jonathan ROBISON

Husband: Herbert ROBISON

Name: Herbert ROBISON
Sex: Male
Father: Isaac ROBISON (1885-1934)
Mother: Pauline "Pearl" JACOBSON (1885-1979)
Birth Dec 21, 1920
Death 2008 (age 87-88) Virginia Beach, VA

Wife: Mona EFROS

Name: Mona EFROS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1925
Death 1999 (age 73-74)

Child 1: Michael D. ROBISON

Name: Michael D. ROBISON
Sex: Male

Child 2: Jonathan ROBISON

Name: Jonathan ROBISON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Megan HUFF