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Family of Joseph Lucien PROULX and Mary Alice LEROUX

Husband: Joseph Lucien PROULX ( - )
Wife: Mary Alice LEROUX (1909-1975)
Children: Robert PROULX
Marriage Mar 25, 1940 St. Paul's parish, Franklin, NH

Husband: Joseph Lucien PROULX

Name: Joseph Lucien PROULX
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death Franklin, NH

Wife: Mary Alice LEROUX

Name: Mary Alice LEROUX
Sex: Female
Father: Marie Thomas Eugene LEROUX (1877-1935)
Mother: Marie Jeanne RIOPEL (1884- )
Birth Oct 31, 1909 St. Paul's parish, Franklin, NH
Death Jan, 1975 (age 65) Franklin, NH

Child 1: Robert PROULX

Name: Robert PROULX
Sex: Male

Child 2: Anne PROULX

Name: Anne PROULX
Sex: Female

Child 3: Thomas PROULX

Name: Thomas PROULX
Sex: Male