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Family of Samuel Isaac (Michael) MIRVISS (Loring) and Marcella SCHANFIELD

Husband: Samuel Isaac (Michael) MIRVISS (Loring) (1908-1993)
Wife: Marcella SCHANFIELD ( - )

Husband: Samuel Isaac (Michael) MIRVISS (Loring)

Name: Samuel Isaac (Michael) MIRVISS (Loring)
Sex: Male
Father: Meyer David MIRVISS (1877-1955)
Mother: Masha NEVIASKY (1873-1974)
Birth 1908 Minneapolis, MN
Death 1993 (age 84-85) Portland, OR

Wife: Marcella SCHANFIELD

Name: Marcella SCHANFIELD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: Samuel Isaac (Michael) MIRVISS (Loring)

"Actor, entertainer, cantor. Professional name: Michael Loring, under

contract to Universal Movie Studios for many years. Appeared in a few

shorts like "The Postal Inspector", others. Died as Michael Loring,

Cantor in Fresno, CA reform temple, where he also served as

Educational Director." (Jacob Mirviss).

"Had a band at one time." (Joel Mirviss)

Note on Wife: Marcella SCHANFIELD

Labor organizer