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Family of Lawrence Branch CRAIGE and Else Betty KOHLBERG

Husband: Lawrence Branch CRAIGE (1877-1944)
Wife: Else Betty KOHLBERG (1887-1944)
Children: Branch CRAIGE (1915-1975)
Marriage c. 1909 Texas

Husband: Lawrence Branch CRAIGE

Name: Lawrence Branch CRAIGE
Sex: Male
Father: Kerr CRAIGE (1844- )
Mother: Josephine BRANCH (c. 1852- )
Birth Jul 14, 1877 Rowan County, NC
Death Dec 31, 1944 (age 67)

Wife: Else Betty KOHLBERG

Name: Else Betty KOHLBERG
Sex: Female
Father: Ernst KOHLBERG (1857-1910)
Mother: Olga BERNSTEIN (1864-1935)
Birth Jun 30, 1887 El Paso, El Paso County, TX
Death Mar 15, 1944 (age 56) El Paso, El Paso County, TX

Child 1: Branch CRAIGE

Name: Branch CRAIGE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jean Mohler MCCRACKEN
Birth Feb 16, 1915 Texas
Title Jr.
Death Oct 27, 1975 (age 60) El Paso County, TX

Child 2: Ernest CRAIGE

Name: Ernest CRAIGE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hazel FISHER