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Family of Isaac GOFNER (Gruber) and Ruth SELSKI

Husband: Isaac GOFNER (Gruber) (1913-1985)
Wife: Ruth SELSKI
Children: Martin GRUBER
Freddy Joe GRUBER

Husband: Isaac GOFNER (Gruber)

Name: Isaac GOFNER (Gruber)
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Aug 15, 1913 Poland
Death Mar 12, 1985 (age 71) Los Angeles, CA

Wife: Ruth SELSKI

Name: Ruth SELSKI
Sex: Female
Father: Berl SELSKI (1890-1922)
Mother: Lea LANDMAN (1885-1972)

Child 1: Martin GRUBER

Name: Martin GRUBER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Beverly COLTON

Child 2: Barry GRUBER

Name: Barry GRUBER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Bat-Sheva OPOCHINSKY

Child 3: Freddy Joe GRUBER

Name: Freddy Joe GRUBER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susan Jo WALDMAN