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Family of Charles CHASE and Dorothy Edna "Dotty" UDIN

Husband: Charles CHASE (1915-2004)
Wife: Dorothy Edna "Dotty" UDIN (1921-2005)
Children: Susan CHASE
Joanne CHASE

Husband: Charles CHASE

Name: Charles CHASE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1915
Death May 21, 2004 (age 88-89) Claremont, CA

Wife: Dorothy Edna "Dotty" UDIN

Name: Dorothy Edna "Dotty" UDIN
Sex: Female
Father: Albert UDIN (1890-1972)
Mother: Bessie ARONOFF (1889-1992)
Birth 1921
Death Jun 11, 2005 (age 83-84)

Child 1: Susan CHASE

Name: Susan CHASE
Sex: Female

Child 2: Ellen CHASE

Name: Ellen CHASE
Sex: Female
Spouse: VERDRIES ( - )

Child 3: Joanne CHASE

Name: Joanne CHASE
Sex: Female

Child 4: Sally CHASE

Name: Sally CHASE
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: Charles CHASE

A poet as well as an expert on folk instruments, Chase died of a

stroke May 21 at the Mountain View Alzheimer's Center in Claremont,

according to his daughter, Ellen Chase.

Chase allowed customers to play all the instruments in the center: the

antique Tibetan temple horns, American banjos, Polynesian conch shells

and African tongue drums as well as new guitars, banjos and drums.

Chase was a kindred spirit of folk singers such as Arlo Guthrie and

Pete Seeger, who mixed social causes with music. Chase looked a bit

like a folk singer himself with his full beard -- a soft, gray mist

that covered his collar in his later years.

Note on Wife: Dorothy Edna "Dotty" UDIN

Dorothy Chase, who with her husband, Charles Chase, founded the

influential Folk Music Center in Claremont, has died.

In the 1970s, they also established the Claremont Folk Festival.