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Family of Elzier MALLET and Edith COCHOIS

Husband: Elzier MALLET (1902-1974)
Wife: Edith COCHOIS (1905-1996)
Children: Leona MALLET
Harold "Harry" MALLET
Lawrence MALLET

Husband: Elzier MALLET

Name: Elzier MALLET
Sex: Male
Father: MALLET ( - )
Mother: MALLETT ( - )
Birth Jun 9, 1902
Death Aug 28, 1974 (age 72) Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Wife: Edith COCHOIS

Name: Edith COCHOIS
Sex: Female
Father: Alexander "Alex" COCHOIS ( - )
Mother: Melanie BEAILLARGIONE ( - )
Birth Dec 29, 1905
Death Dec 26, 1996 (age 90) Michigan

Child 1: Leona MALLET

Name: Leona MALLET
Sex: Female

Child 2: Harold "Harry" MALLET

Name: Harold "Harry" MALLET
Sex: Male

Child 3: Lawrence MALLET

Name: Lawrence MALLET
Sex: Male
Spouse: Beverly ST. LOUIS

Note on Husband: Elzier MALLET

Elzier's mother's maiden name was Mallett (with two Ts). Her first and

send husbands also both had name Mallet. Not a relation, just a

common name in the region. Elzier and Edith always spelled Mallet

with one T.

Note on Wife: Edith COCHOIS

Edith's grandparents were from France. After they married, they moved

to Muskegon, MI. They had three girls and four boys.