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Family of Harry G. COHEN (Conn) and Ella KOHN

Husband: Harry G. COHEN (Conn) (1902-1964)
Wife: Ella KOHN (1904-1990)
Children: Margaret COHEN

Husband: Harry G. COHEN (Conn)

Name: Harry G. COHEN (Conn)
Sex: Male
Father: Charles Lester COHEN (1866-1935)
Mother: Gertrude Chasye FINKLESTEIN (1868-1932)
Birth 1902
Death 1964 (age 61-62)

Wife: Ella KOHN

Name: Ella KOHN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1904
Death 1990 (age 85-86)

Child 1: Margaret COHEN

Name: Margaret COHEN
Sex: Female