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Family of Jacob Peder CHRISTIANSEN and Anna Marie Pedersen SEGAARD

Husband: Jacob Peder CHRISTIANSEN (1853-1918)
Wife: Anna Marie Pedersen SEGAARD (1860-1947)
Children: Anna Marie CHRISTIANSEN (1887-1967)
Janet Margerat "Jenny" "Gaga" CHRISTIANSEN (1888-1978)
Arthur Christian CHRISTIANSEN (1890-1977)
Amanda CHRISTIANSEN (1895-1913)
Marriage Apr 17, 1886 Port Clinton, OH

Husband: Jacob Peder CHRISTIANSEN

Name: Jacob Peder CHRISTIANSEN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Sep 29, 1853 Denmark
Death Mar 13, 1918 (age 64) Port Clinton, OH

Wife: Anna Marie Pedersen SEGAARD

Name: Anna Marie Pedersen SEGAARD
Sex: Female
Father: Jens Nielsen PEDERSEN (Segaard) ( - )
Mother: Ane Marie SEGAARD (1837- )
Birth Aug 5, 1860 Denmark
Death 1947 (age 86-87) Port Clinton, OH

Child 1: Anna Marie CHRISTIANSEN

Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas HURRELL (1874-1926)
Birth Mar 27, 1887
Death Apr 16, 1967 (age 80) Port Clinton, OH
Burial Port Clinton, OH

Child 2: Janet Margerat "Jenny" "Gaga" CHRISTIANSEN

Name: Janet Margerat "Jenny" "Gaga" CHRISTIANSEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Solomon Simon "Sol" ASCHER (1879-1935)
Birth Apr 5, 1888 Port Clinton, OH
Death Jan 6, 1978 (age 89) Apple Valley, CA
Cremation Jan 7, 1978 Victorville, CA

Child 3: Arthur Christian CHRISTIANSEN

Name: Arthur Christian CHRISTIANSEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Cora May BRASHAW (1894-1919)
Birth May 28, 1890
Death Jul 30, 1977 (age 87)

Child 4: Amanda CHRISTIANSEN

Sex: Female
Birth 1895
Death 1913 (age 17-18) Port Clinton, OH
Burial Port Clinton, OH

Note on Husband: Jacob Peder CHRISTIANSEN

People often nicknamed him "Five Finger Jake". Died when he was

riding into Port Clinton with his horse and buggy to pick Harry Ascher

up from school. At the "Bath House Crossing" one half mile west of

Port Clinton, he waited at the railroad tracks for a train to pass

before he started crossing. It was raining and there was a heavy fog,

so he didn't see or hear that there was a second fast passenger train

behind the first train. It was the second train that hit him.

Signals were installed at the crossing about six months later.

Note on Wife: Anna Marie Pedersen SEGAARD

Changed name to Anna after coming to U.S. Her brother stayed in

Denmark and was a postmaster in his hometown; he would send (news?)

paper from Denmark to Ane Marie, and at Christmas he would send jars

of Danish herring and eels.