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Family of Harris GAYLORD and Minnie "Beulah" LAPORTER

Husband: Harris GAYLORD (1896-1975)
Wife: Minnie "Beulah" LAPORTER (1897-1968)
Children: Hartley GAYLORD ( - )

Husband: Harris GAYLORD

Name: Harris GAYLORD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Sep 2, 1896
Death Feb 4, 1975 (age 78) Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Wife: Minnie "Beulah" LAPORTER

Name: Minnie "Beulah" LAPORTER
Sex: Female
Father: Moses Aaron LAPORTER (1869-1939)
Mother: Pearl HINDES (1866-1940)
Birth 1897 Brzezanach, Poland
Death 1968 (age 70-71) Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Child 1: Hartley GAYLORD

Name: Hartley GAYLORD
Sex: Male
Birth Detroit, Wayne County, MI