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Family of Joe Lavenso WEINBERG and Eva Jane DUDLEY

Husband: Joe Lavenso WEINBERG (1889-1959)
Wife: Eva Jane DUDLEY (1892-1956)
Children: Isaac WEINBERG (1909-1932)
Aaron WEINBERG (1912-1956)
Thad William WEINBERG
Joe Lavenso "J.L." WEINBERG (1917-1991)
Cecil WEINBERG (1919-1982)
Blake Mayfield WEINBERG (1920-1977)
Eva Mae WEINBERG (1924-1981)
Charlie WEINBERG (1926-1952)
Milford Ray WEINBERG (1931-1976)

Husband: Joe Lavenso WEINBERG

Name: Joe Lavenso WEINBERG
Sex: Male
Father: Isaac WEINBERG (c. 1851-1928)
Mother: Lula J. HINTON ( - )
Birth Jan 9, 1889
Death Jul 19, 1959 (age 70)

Wife: Eva Jane DUDLEY

Name: Eva Jane DUDLEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jun 24, 1892
Death Oct 1, 1956 (age 64)

Child 1: Isaac WEINBERG

Name: Isaac WEINBERG
Sex: Male
Spouse: Tenna SNYDER ( - )
Birth 1909
Death 1932 (age 22-23)

Child 2: Aaron WEINBERG

Name: Aaron WEINBERG
Sex: Male
Spouse: Theresa CARTER
Birth 1912
Death 1956 (age 43-44)

Child 3: Thad William WEINBERG

Name: Thad William WEINBERG
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lena Mae SUGGS

Child 4: Rosa Leigh WEINBERG

Name: Rosa Leigh WEINBERG
Sex: Female
Spouse: Grover C. COLLINS

Child 5: Joe Lavenso "J.L." WEINBERG

Name: Joe Lavenso "J.L." WEINBERG
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gaynelle ODOM
Birth 1917
Title Jr.
Death 1991 (age 73-74)

Child 6: Cecil WEINBERG

Name: Cecil WEINBERG
Sex: Male
Spouse: Johnnie GEE
Birth 1919
Death 1982 (age 62-63)

Child 7: Blake Mayfield WEINBERG

Name: Blake Mayfield WEINBERG
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Vivian WEAVER
Spouse 2: Tina NICHOLSON
Birth 1920
Death 1977 (age 56-57)

Child 8: Eva Mae WEINBERG

Name: Eva Mae WEINBERG
Sex: Female
Spouse: Monroe Terry LAMBERT
Birth 1924
Death 1981 (age 56-57)

Child 9: Charlie WEINBERG

Name: Charlie WEINBERG
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary O'NEAL
Birth 1926
Death 1952 (age 25-26)

Child 10: Lila Belle WEINBERG

Name: Lila Belle WEINBERG
Sex: Female
Spouse: Archie D. MOODY

Child 11: Milford Ray WEINBERG

Name: Milford Ray WEINBERG
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dorothy HATCHELL
Birth 1931
Death 1976 (age 44-45)

Child 12: Annie Lou WEINBERG

Name: Annie Lou WEINBERG
Sex: Female
Spouse: Norton JAMES