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Family of Louis Cesare BOGNI and Senith Hannah "Cindy" MCKEE

Husband: Louis Cesare BOGNI (1918-2003)
Wife: Senith Hannah "Cindy" MCKEE (1920-1996)
Children: Sharyn Adele BOGNI (1948-1953)
Gail Claudia BOGNI
Patricia Ann BOGNI (1951-1992)
Paula Garvey BOGNI
Jessica Jean BOGNI
Carla Marie BOGNI
Marriage Aug 16, 1942 Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA

Husband: Louis Cesare BOGNI

Name: Louis Cesare BOGNI
Sex: Male
Father: Carlo Ambrose BOGNI (1885-1969)
Mother: Adele PURICELLI (1892-1986)
Birth Mar 25, 1918 Dorchester, Suffolk, Co., MA
Death Jan 1, 2003 (age 84) Lynn, Essex Co., MA

Wife: Senith Hannah "Cindy" MCKEE

Name: Senith Hannah "Cindy" MCKEE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Sep 20, 1920 Boston, Suffolk County, MA
Death Sep 22, 1996 (age 76) Fostoria, Seneca Co., OH

Child 1: Sharyn Adele BOGNI

Name: Sharyn Adele BOGNI
Sex: Female
Birth Mar 27, 1948 Dorchester, Suffolk Co. MA
Death Feb 21, 1953 (age 4) Dorchester, Suffolk Co. MA

Child 2: Gail Claudia BOGNI

Name: Gail Claudia BOGNI
Sex: Female
Spouse: Douglas Ray MUNSON

Child 3: Patricia Ann BOGNI

Name: Patricia Ann BOGNI
Sex: Female
Spouse: Douglas Oram FARRAND
Birth Mar 12, 1951 Dorchester, Suffolk Co. MA
Death Jul 25, 1992 (age 41) Toledo, Lucas County, OH

Child 4: Paula Garvey BOGNI

Name: Paula Garvey BOGNI
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert Joseph WHITTA

Child 5: Jessica Jean BOGNI

Name: Jessica Jean BOGNI
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Kenneth Harrold COMER
Spouse 2: Lonnie Jay WEAVER
Spouse 3: Charles Bertram SCHENCK

Child 6: Carla Marie BOGNI

Name: Carla Marie BOGNI
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Jimmie Eugene YOUNG
Spouse 2: Thomas Polson KIDD

Note on Husband: Louis Cesare BOGNI

An avid collector of all things collectible, Lou loved the Boston Red

Sox, model railroad and "loud" big band music. In his youth, he was

an avid ballroom dancer and spent time in the US Air Force repairing

circuitry in transistor radios.

Note on Wife: Senith Hannah "Cindy" MCKEE

A woman of strong morals with a healthy sense of humor, Cindy enjoyed

genealogy, playing piano, spending time with her family and traveling.