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Family of Phillip Alan WALLENS and Joy Carol FRELICH

Husband: Phillip Alan WALLENS (1943-1985)
Wife: Joy Carol FRELICH
Children: Amy Lee WALLENS
Laura Leigh (Isabella) WALLENS
Andrea Lee WALLENS

Husband: Phillip Alan WALLENS

Name: Phillip Alan WALLENS
Sex: Male
Father: Paul D. WALLENS ( - )
Mother: Minna ( - )
Birth Oct 21, 1943 Boston, Suffolk County, MA
Death Dec 30, 1985 (age 42) Boston, Suffolk County, MA

Wife: Joy Carol FRELICH

Name: Joy Carol FRELICH
Sex: Female
Father: Paul Daniel FRELICH
Mother: Rita Miriam RADOVSKY (1912- )

Child 1: Amy Lee WALLENS

Name: Amy Lee WALLENS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Tom GREEN

Child 2: Laura Leigh (Isabella) WALLENS

Name: Laura Leigh (Isabella) WALLENS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard J. MCCARTHY

Child 3: Andrea Lee WALLENS

Name: Andrea Lee WALLENS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Wayne POWELL

Note on Husband: Phillip Alan WALLENS

A man with an incredible sense of humor, a wonderful musical ear and a

loving father, Phillip passed away at a young age. The funeral home

was overflowing with family, friends and acquaintances from all walks

of life.