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Family of Edward STEIN and Lois Adele FORMAN

Husband: Edward STEIN (1924-1972)
Wife: Lois Adele FORMAN (1926-1997)
Children: Garry Richard STEIN
Marriage Mar 11, 1945 Philadelphia, PA

Husband: Edward STEIN

Name: Edward STEIN
Sex: Male
Father: Maurice Albert STEIN (1892-1979)
Mother: Ida Pearl ADELMAN (1898-1977)
Birth Dec 26, 1924 Canton, OH
Death Mar 28, 1972 (age 47) Louisville, KY

Wife: Lois Adele FORMAN

Name: Lois Adele FORMAN
Sex: Female
Father: Jess Phillip FORMAN (1905-1984)
Mother: Corine Leanore HIRSCH (1905-1989)
Birth Mar 5, 1926 Columbus, OH
Death Jan 31, 1997 (age 70) Indianapolis, IN

Child 1: Garry Richard STEIN

Name: Garry Richard STEIN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Tema Ellen STOTLAND