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Family of David Henry GOLDBERG and Margaret "Marney" Ellen STONE

Husband: David Henry GOLDBERG

Wife: Margaret "Marney" Ellen STONE

Note on Husband: David Henry GOLDBERG

David worked as an ASHA Speech and Language Pathologist, mostly in elementary schools, in Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York and Arizona until retirement in 2006.

At an early age, David was passionate about playing hockey and guitar. He played varsity hockey at the University of Massachusetts. He learned to play guitar at an early age, had a rock and roll band in college, shared his gift in worship bands into his 60s and loved to entertain family and friends throughout his life. He passed his talent and love for music and guitar to children and grandchildren.

He was a loving, dedicated family man who appreciated active living. He enjoyed tennis, racket ball, hiking, biking, water skiing, and anything active with his friends, kids, and grandkids.