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Family of Yekusiel "Kusil" Yacov TARLOFFSKY and Hinda ABRASH

Husband: Yekusiel "Kusil" Yacov TARLOFFSKY (c. 1850-c. 1920)
Wife: Hinda ABRASH ( -1941)
Children: Helen "Chamke" TARLOFFSKY (1903-1996)
Marriage c. 1895 Bialystok, Russia

Husband: Yekusiel "Kusil" Yacov TARLOFFSKY

Name: Yekusiel "Kusil" Yacov TARLOFFSKY
Sex: Male
Father: Nahum TARLOFFSKY ( - )
Mother: -
Birth c. 1850 Bialystok, Russia
Death c. 1920 (age 69-70) Bialystok, Russia

Wife: Hinda ABRASH

Name: Hinda ABRASH
Sex: Female
Father: Yehuda "Yudel" ABRASH ( - )
Mother: Neshkie ROSENBLUM ( - )
Death Jun 27, 1941 Bialystok, Russia

Child 1: Helen "Chamke" TARLOFFSKY

Name: Helen "Chamke" TARLOFFSKY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Chaim STOLLMAN (1905-1988)
Birth Aug 2, 1903 Bialystok, Russia
Death 1996 (age 92-93) New Jersey

Note on Husband: Yekusiel "Kusil" Yacov TARLOFFSKY

Yekusiel was a property owner in Bialystok. In about 1894,his first

wife (Masha Szoszkes) passed away, and Yekusiel married Hinda Abrass

in about 1895.

Note on Wife: Hinda ABRASH

Hinda Abrass married at a young age and had two (?) children. Her

husband died and she then married Yekusiel Tarloffsky and had two more

children. Hinda was murdered when the Nazis burned the Great

Synagogue in Bialystok.