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Family of Harold ARBIT and Norma STOLLMAN

Husband: Harold ARBIT ( - )
Wife: Norma STOLLMAN
Children: Kenneth Asher ARBIT
Deborah Inde ARBIT
David Lewis ARBIT

Husband: Harold ARBIT

Name: Harold ARBIT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Norma STOLLMAN

Name: Norma STOLLMAN
Sex: Female
Father: Chaim STOLLMAN (1905-1988)
Mother: Helen "Chamke" TARLOFFSKY (1903-1996)

Child 1: Kenneth Asher ARBIT

Name: Kenneth Asher ARBIT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Paula SCHWARZMER

Child 2: Deborah Inde ARBIT

Name: Deborah Inde ARBIT
Sex: Female

Child 3: David Lewis ARBIT

Name: David Lewis ARBIT
Sex: Male