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Family of Avrum REGENSTREIF and Rebecca ARANOVITCH

Husband: Avrum REGENSTREIF (1861-1913)
Wife: Rebecca ARANOVITCH (1863-1962)
Children: Aron Hersh "Harry" REGENSTREIF (c. 1888-c. 1954)
Beryl "Benny" REGENSTREIF (1890-1978)
Louis REGENSTREIF (1892-1978)
Sarah REGENSTREIF (c. 1894-1935)
Eihivet (Ida) (Regenstreif) OLARIU (1894-1981)
Ettie "Ethel" REGENSTREIF (c. 1897-1924)
Max Louis REGENSTREIF (1899-1937)
Albert B. "Bert" REGENSTREIF (1901-1976)
Martin REGENSTREIF (1903-1975)
Arthur REGENSTREIF (1908-1976)
Marriage c. 1880 Mihaleni, Romania

Husband: Avrum REGENSTREIF

Sex: Male
Father: Shmuel Dov REGENSTREIF (1840- )
Mother: -
Birth 1861 Dorochoi, Romania
Death Mar 15, 1913 (age 51-52) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Burial Mar 16, 1913 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Wife: Rebecca ARANOVITCH

Name: Rebecca ARANOVITCH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1863 Dorochoi, Romania
Death 1962 (age 98-99) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Burial Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Child 1: Aron Hersh "Harry" REGENSTREIF

Name: Aron Hersh "Harry" REGENSTREIF
Sex: Male
Spouse: Esther CHAIMOWITZ ( - )
Birth c. 1888 Dorochoi, Romania
Death c. 1954 (age 65-66) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Child 2: Beryl "Benny" REGENSTREIF

Name: Beryl "Benny" REGENSTREIF
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lottie GROPPER (1895-1971)
Birth 1890 Dorochoi, Romania
Death 1978 (age 87-88) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Burial Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Child 3: Louis REGENSTREIF

Sex: Male
Spouse: Fanny (1892-1972)
Birth Sep 8, 1892 Dorochoi, Romania
Death Oct, 1978 (age 86) Boston, Suffolk County, MA
Burial Boston, Suffolk County, MA

Child 4: Sarah REGENSTREIF

Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Hymie HERSHOFF ( -1967)
Spouse 2: Harry LEVINE ( - )
Birth c. 1894 Dorochoi, Romania
Death 1935 (age 40-41) Boston, Suffolk County, MA

Child 5: Eihivet (Ida) (Regenstreif) OLARIU

Name: Eihivet (Ida) (Regenstreif) OLARIU
Sex: Female
Spouse: Isaac MENDELSOHN (1886-1953)
Birth Nov 12, 1894 Dorochoi, Romania
Death Apr 19, 1981 (age 86) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Burial Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Child 6: Ettie "Ethel" REGENSTREIF

Name: Ettie "Ethel" REGENSTREIF
Sex: Female
Spouse: Louis PFEFFER ( - )
Birth c. 1897 Dorochoi, Romania
Death 1924 (age 26-27) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Child 7: Max Louis REGENSTREIF

Sex: Male
Spouse: Bessie GOLDSMITH (1905- )
Birth Apr 25, 1899 Dorochoi, Romania
Death Sep 17, 1937 (age 38) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Burial Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Child 8: Albert B. "Bert" REGENSTREIF

Name: Albert B. "Bert" REGENSTREIF
Sex: Male
Spouse: Miriam Lillian ISSENMAN (1903-2000)
Birth Aug 16, 1901 Dorochoi, Romania
Death May, 1976 (age 74) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Child 9: Martin REGENSTREIF

Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah Torchin COHEN (1911-2002)
Birth Aug 4, 1903 Dorochoi, Romania
Death Nov 14, 1975 (age 72) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Child 10: Arthur REGENSTREIF

Sex: Male
Spouse: Annette RUCKENSTEIN (1915-1971)
Birth May 21, 1908 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Death Apr 26, 1976 (age 67) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Note on Husband: Avrum REGENSTREIF

Avrum and Rebecca had many children, 16 or 17 in all. Some died in

infancy in Romania and at least one died in Montreal not long after

their arrival.

Benny and Louis came to Canada about a year before the family did. The

rest of the family arrived on November 7th, 1907 aboard the SS

Corsican, part of the Allen Line. Canadian Pacific subsequently

acquired the Corsican.

Avrum was an active member of the Austrian Shul on Milton Street. He

may have been a functionary. The shul was amalgamated with the

congregation now known as the Shomrim Laboker.

Uncle Bert told us that his father had been ?financial secretary? of a

Talmud Torah school. This probably meant that he made rounds to

collect the small tuition fees that were paid at the time. In fact his

obituary in the Keneder Adler referred to him as a collector for the

Anshe Sʼfard Talmud Torah.

The late Willie Riven was a landsman and neighbour on either Drolet

Street or Rivard Avenue. He loved to tell the story that when Avrum

was examined for life insurance, he had one of the children provide

the urine sample. This would lead us to believe that Avrum was not a

well man. He died accidentally at age 53 leaving a $400 life insurance

policy. Cousin Ida Andes remembers Bubby telling her that Avrum died

after having been in contact with the electric meter in the house.

Apparently he fell, hurt his head and never recovered.

Note on Wife: Rebecca ARANOVITCH

Rebecca was known to some of us as Baba Martin, having lived with

Martin and Arthur until their marriage in the early 30s. They lived in

the Queen Mary Apartments on Berube Street just west of Park Avenue.

We visited on Sunday mornings and the young ones were always treated

with hard candies and sometimes a piece of cake.

Baba Martin was a strong woman, widowed in 1913 with the five youngest

children still at home. Ida was 16, Max was 14, Bert was 11, Martin

was 9 and Arthur was 3. To survive the boys peddled fly papers every

summer and did whatever else they could to eke out a tough living.

Notwithstanding the hard times Baba Martin enjoyed her treat of black

olives and herring, not shared with the boys. She had a great sense of

humour and a ready laugh. She was a great cook who could stretch meals

with mamaliga and got great taste out of cheap cuts of meat.

After Berube Street Baba Martin lived at 3947 Laval Avenue opposite a

great church that burned to the ground. The small flat was the upper

of a single family home that was converted into a duplex. The front

room (off the balcony) was home at various times to Bert Mendelsohn

when he came to McGill and to Ida Regenstreif (Andes, uncle Harryʼs

daughter) who lived there for about a year.

Baba Martin spent three months every summer as the guest of Auntie Ida

and Uncle Isaac in St Agathe. That home became a Sunday gathering

place for members of the family.

When she gave up her home she lived in rented rooms and then variously

with Uncle Bert, Uncle Martin or Uncle Arthur. At age 84 or so she

went to live in the Old Folks Home on Esplanade Avenue where she died

about 17 years later.

While she appeared to be a healthy woman, Baba Martin suffered

frequently from stomach pains. She could be seen often with a hot

water bottle on her obviously swollen belly. She was to have had

exploratory surgery for ulcers, but did not. I suspect her problem was

Hereditary Angioedema, the curse of many members of the family. HAE

frequently imitates a ?surgical belly?.

Irving Pfeffer writes, ?Grandmother Rebecca Regenstreif, mother of my

mother Ethel, lived in the Montreal Old Age Home during the time I

knew her between 1940 and 1950. I danced with her at a wedding when

she was 100 years old. She was tiny but danced nicely. She was a busy

old timer getting extra food for some of the men and darning socks as

well. Always cheerful, she was the Central family news source with

tidbits of information from her many visitors.?

Baba Martin was a prodigious knitter and she would knit for anyone who

supplied yarn. Her specialties were scarves, mittens, hats and gloves

and socks. She never wasted anything and many were her striped

creations in colors that mixed, matched or didnʼt match, but nothing

was thrown away.