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Family of Jones HARRIS and Mary CLARKE

Husband: Jones HARRIS (1758-1847)
Wife: Mary CLARKE (c. 1760-c. 1848)
Children: William H. HARRIS (1788-1839)
Marriage c. 1791 Butler, OH

Husband: Jones HARRIS

Name: Jones HARRIS
Sex: Male
Father: Silas HARRIS (c. 1737-1820)
Mother: Margaret JONES (c. 1741-1808)
Birth 1758 Cumberland, NJ
Death 1847 (age 88-89) Franklin, IN

Wife: Mary CLARKE

Name: Mary CLARKE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1760 New Jersey
Death c. 1848 (age 87-88) Butler, OH

Child 1: William H. HARRIS

Name: William H. HARRIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Nancy MEEKER (1801-c. 1850)
Birth Nov, 1788 Waterford, Spencer, KY
Death Dec 13, 1839 (age 51) Butler, OH