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Family of Thomas Allan FISHER and Jeanne ST.PIERRE

Husband: Thomas Allan FISHER
Wife: Jeanne ST.PIERRE
Children: Kevin Thomas FISHER
Jeffery Scott FISHER
Robert Douglas FISHER
Brian Kent FISHER

Husband: Thomas Allan FISHER

Name: Thomas Allan FISHER
Sex: Male
Father: Wilbur Edward FISHER (1905-1971)
Mother: Olive Gertrude BELL (1906-1984)

Wife: Jeanne ST.PIERRE

Name: Jeanne ST.PIERRE
Sex: Female
Father: Lowell C. ST.PIERRE ( - )
Mother: Ethyl ( - )

Child 1: Kevin Thomas FISHER

Name: Kevin Thomas FISHER
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Lorrain Marie DAY
Spouse 2: Rachelle Sue BRUCE

Child 2: Jeffery Scott FISHER

Name: Jeffery Scott FISHER
Sex: Male

Child 3: Robert Douglas FISHER

Name: Robert Douglas FISHER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jacqueline "Jacqui" Sue STOLMEIER

Child 4: Brian Kent FISHER

Name: Brian Kent FISHER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Patricia Ann "Trish" GOLDEN