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Family of Lawrence ARONOFF and Barbara Helene MARKS

Husband: Lawrence ARONOFF (1924-1982)
Wife: Barbara Helene MARKS (1925-2013)
Children: Richard Lawrence ARONOFF
Robert Charles ARONOFF
Marriage Feb 21, 1947 Ann Arbor, MI

Husband: Lawrence ARONOFF


Lawrence ARONOFF

Name: Lawrence ARONOFF
Sex: Male
Father: Benjamin ARONOFF (1902-1968)
Mother: Fay Shirley BENSMAN (1904-1993)
Birth Sep 2, 1924 Detroit, Wayne County, MI
college graduation Jun, 1948 (age 23) Ann Arbor, MI
Death Nov 5, 1982 (age 58) Santa Monica
Burial Nov 7, 1982 Los Angeles, CA
resided Toledo, Lucas County, OH

Wife: Barbara Helene MARKS


Barbara Helene MARKS

Name: Barbara Helene MARKS
Sex: Female
Father: Leo (Marks) MARX (1896-1966)
Mother: Mollie STEINBERG (1896-1960)
Birth Sep 27, 1925 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
college graduation Jun, 1946 (age 20) Evanston, IL
resided Toledo, Lucas County, OH
resided Aug, 1963 (age 37) Encino, CA
Death Jul 29, 2013 (age 87) Encino, CA
Burial Aug 2, 2013 Los Angeles, CA

Child 1: Richard Lawrence ARONOFF

Name: Richard Lawrence ARONOFF
Sex: Male
Spouse: Pamela Jean SNODGRASS

Child 2: Robert Charles ARONOFF

Name: Robert Charles ARONOFF
Sex: Male