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Family of Karl Ingersol BOND and Hilda Elizabeth LENVILLE

Husband: Karl Ingersol BOND

Wife: Hilda Elizabeth LENVILLE

Child 1: Harris Joseph BOND

  • Name:

  • Harris Joseph BOND

  • Sex:

  • Male

  • Spouse:

  • Germaine Alice BOIRE

  • Birth:

  • Jul 12, 1921

  • Springfield, MA

  • Baptism:

  • Jul 31, 1921 (age 0)

  • Springfield, MA

  • Death:

  • May 1, 1978 (age 56)

  • Springfield, MA

  • Burial:


  • West Springfield, MA

Note on Husband: Karl Ingersol BOND

Although Karl was handicapped due to polio and walked with a cane, he

was an accomplished pianist. He played in the movie houses before

there was sound -- suspense music for mysteries and so forth. He is

said to have had a wonderful sense of humor.

Karl worked for the Springfield Street Railway in the trolley car days

as a bookkeeper.

Karl had blue eyes and brown hair, and he was short with a medium

build, according to his draft registration card. He was disqualified

for WWI service on Sept. 12, 1918 because of his withered limb.

Note on Wife: Hilda Elizabeth LENVILLE

Hilda was the youngest of 13 children. She quit school when she was

13 and took what was probably a blue-collar, minimum-wage job to help

support the family. She also used to sing in theaters before they had


When her son Harris married Germaine Boire, she moved in with them.

Hilda spent most of her time up in her room. She was very

intelligent, though, and loved crossword puzzles. She also watched a

lot of TV, including football games.

The other 12 siblings died fairly young, but Hilda lived to be almost

95 years old.