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Family of Joseph Arsene BOIRE and Marie Louise GUINDON

Husband: Joseph Arsene BOIRE (1897-1981)
Wife: Marie Louise GUINDON (1899-1973)
Children: Theresa BOIRE (1918-c. 2003)
Joseph Philippe BOIRE (1919-2006)
Germaine Alice BOIRE
Lucille Alice BOIRE
Eugene Joseph BOIRE (1929-1995)
Roland Raymond BOIRE (1932-2012)
Marriage Jan 15, 1917

Husband: Joseph Arsene BOIRE

Name: Joseph Arsene BOIRE
Sex: Male
Father: Philippe BOIRE (1864-bef1960)
Mother: Elvina THIBODEAU (1870- )
Birth Apr 11, 1897 Canada
Death Dec 15, 1981 (age 84) Springfield, MA

Wife: Marie Louise GUINDON

Name: Marie Louise GUINDON
Sex: Female
Father: Felix GUINDON (1866-1945)
Mother: Amelia DESORMIER (1863-c. 1931)
Birth Mar 12, 1899 St. Bernard-Lacolle, Canada
Death Nov 21, 1973 (age 74) Massachusetts

Child 1: Theresa BOIRE

Name: Theresa BOIRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Louis SCOTT ( -c. 2001)
Birth Jan 23, 1918
Death c. 2003 (age 84-85) Florida

Child 2: Joseph Philippe BOIRE

Name: Joseph Philippe BOIRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dorothy
Birth Dec 19, 1919
Death Apr 27, 2006 (age 86) Agawam, MA

Child 3: Germaine Alice BOIRE

Name: Germaine Alice BOIRE
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Harris Joseph BOND (1921-1978)
Spouse 2: Eugene SZKULA ( -1997)

Child 4: Lucille Alice BOIRE

Name: Lucille Alice BOIRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Herb BEAUDOIN ( -2004)

Child 5: Eugene Joseph BOIRE

Name: Eugene Joseph BOIRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Georgia (1927?-2011)
Birth Dec 24, 1929
Death Mar 29, 1995 (age 65) Iowa

Child 6: Roland Raymond BOIRE

Name: Roland Raymond BOIRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary CALCASOLA
Birth Sep 4, 1932
Death Jul 29, 2012 (age 79)

Note on Husband: Joseph Arsene BOIRE

Personal recollections of Germaine Boire Bond:

"Remember my dad making his own beer. He was very popular in town as

we were the only ones with a radio and the house was filled with

neighbors whenever a fight was broadcast. My dad sold electrical

appliances as a side line to his railroad job so we were the first to

have a refrigerator, etc. in our area."

Note on Wife: Marie Louise GUINDON

From Richard Bond: Marie's native language was French. She hardly

spoke any English. Every Sunday, the Bond family would visit, and

Rich and Harris would sit in one room talking to Arsene in English,

while Germaine and Lois would sit in another room talking to Marie in


From Ray Boire: Marie did not talk much about her siblings.

From Mary (?) Boire (Ray's wife): Marie Guindon Boire was the sweetest

and best mother-in-law a woman could ever have. I thought very highly

of her.