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Family of Richard Aldabert BERDIS and Rose Kay HARTMAN

Husband: Richard Aldabert BERDIS
Wife: Rose Kay HARTMAN (1944-2004)
Children: Kathryn Ann BERDIS (1970-1982)
Kerry Lynn BERDIS
Kristin Dawn BERDIS

Husband: Richard Aldabert BERDIS

Name: Richard Aldabert BERDIS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Rose Kay HARTMAN

Name: Rose Kay HARTMAN
Sex: Female
Father: Paul Emanuel HARTMAN (1905-1992)
Mother: Gertrude Marie LOY (1911-1987)
Birth May 22, 1944 Hammond, IN
Death Jan 15, 2004 (age 59) Hammond, IN
Burial Jan 18, 2004 Hammond, IN

Child 1: Kathryn Ann BERDIS

Name: Kathryn Ann BERDIS
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 5, 1970
Death Aug 11, 1982 (age 12)
Burial Aug, 1982

Child 2: Kerry Lynn BERDIS

Name: Kerry Lynn BERDIS
Sex: Female

Child 3: Kristin Dawn BERDIS

Name: Kristin Dawn BERDIS
Sex: Female