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Family of Culver Allen MODISETTE and Beatrice

Husband: Culver Allen MODISETTE
Wife: Beatrice (1923-1980)
Children: Christopher Ford MODISETTE
Peter Forbes MODISETTE
Andrea Vivian MODISETTE

Husband: Culver Allen MODISETTE

Name: Culver Allen MODISETTE
Sex: Male
Father: Allen MODISETTE (1898-1968)
Mother: Vivian CULVER (1899-1991)

Wife: Beatrice

Name: Beatrice
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jul 20, 1923 New York
Death Aug, 1980 (age 57) Connecticut

Child 1: Christopher Ford MODISETTE

Name: Christopher Ford MODISETTE
Sex: Male

Child 2: Peter Forbes MODISETTE

Name: Peter Forbes MODISETTE
Sex: Male

Child 3: Andrea Vivian MODISETTE

Name: Andrea Vivian MODISETTE
Sex: Female