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Family of Henry William BOND and Mary Ann CORNWALL

Husband: Henry William BOND (1813-1893)
Wife: Mary Ann CORNWALL (1815- )
Children: Henry W. BOND (1836- )
Mary A. BOND (1837- )
Caroline BOND (1839- )
Edward A. BOND (1841- )
Chester R. BOND (1843- )
Lucy BOND (1845- )
John Metzer BOND (1849-1920)
Bertia S. BOND (1851- )
Homer Eugene BOND (1853- )
Franklin BOND (1855- )
Frederick BOND (1855- )

Husband: Henry William BOND

Name: Henry William BOND
Sex: Male
Father: Forbes BOND (1772- )
Mother: Lucy SIBLEY (1775- )
Birth Jan 12, 1813 New York
Death 1893 (age 79-80)

Wife: Mary Ann CORNWALL

Name: Mary Ann CORNWALL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1815 Massachusetts

Child 1: Henry W. BOND

Name: Henry W. BOND
Sex: Male
Spouse: Abby A. (1841- )
Birth 1836 Massachusetts

Child 2: Mary A. BOND

Name: Mary A. BOND
Sex: Female
Birth 1837

Child 3: Caroline BOND

Name: Caroline BOND
Sex: Female
Birth 1839

Child 4: Edward A. BOND

Name: Edward A. BOND
Sex: Male
Birth 1841

Child 5: Chester R. BOND

Name: Chester R. BOND
Sex: Male
Birth 1843

Child 6: Lucy BOND

Name: Lucy BOND
Sex: Female
Birth 1845

Child 7: John Metzer BOND

Name: John Metzer BOND
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emma Celia HARRIS (1850-1923)
Birth 1849 Massachusetts
Death 1920 (age 70-71)

Child 8: Bertia S. BOND

Name: Bertia S. BOND
Sex: Female
Birth 1851

Child 9: Homer Eugene BOND

Name: Homer Eugene BOND
Sex: Male
Birth 1853

Child 10: Franklin BOND

Name: Franklin BOND
Sex: Male
Birth 1855

Child 11: Frederick BOND

Name: Frederick BOND
Sex: Male
Birth 1855

Note on Husband: Henry William BOND

In 1850, Henry and his family, including newborn Bertia, lived in the

town of Lee in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, where Henry was a

paper maker. The Bonds lived in the household of Alexander and

Emelina Gwerbeck. Alexander, a carpenter, was also born in New York

and was a year younger than Henry. They had three children. Also

living in the house were teenagers Charles and Julia Holmer (Charles

was a baker), and the Moran family, who had two children whose father

was also employed in paper making.

In 1860, Henry was still a paper maker living in Lee, now in his own

house with his wife and eleven children.