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Family of Julien BOIRE and Euphrosine ROBERT

Husband: Julien BOIRE

Wife: Euphrosine ROBERT

Note on Husband: Julien BOIRE

Eugene Boire had information from Jean-Luc Boire that Julien's wife

was Euphrosine Robert, and this information included a marriage date,

so probably came from the church. However, information submitted to

the and even the 1881 Canadian census reports that

Julien's wife was Alphonsine Robert. Euphrosine and Alphonsine were

sisters. My guess is that he married one, and when she died, he

married the other; but I have no proof.

In 1881, Julien "Jule" Boire lived with his wife and family in St

Philippe, Laprairie, Quebec. He was a cultivateur, as were his sons

Dineau, Dosite, and Philippe. Eximer was going to school. Also

living in the household were Melina Sorel, age 23, and probably her

daughter Melina Sorel, age 3. The older Melina is listed as a widow.

It is unknown whether they were related to the Boires.