Family of Francis FLEURY and Jeanne GILLES

Husband: Francis FLEURY ( - )
Wife: Jeanne GILLES (1648-1709)
Children: Marie Jeanne FLEURY (1671-1740)
Marie Catherine FLEURY (1673- )
Marriage Aug 24, 1670 St. Augustin, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

Husband: Francis FLEURY

Name: Francis FLEURY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth "16 JAN 1630/1631" Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Death "6 JAN 1687/1688" St. Augustin, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

Wife: Jeanne GILLES

Name: Jeanne GILLES
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1648 St. Nicolas des Champs, Paris, France
Death Sep 24, 1709 (age 60-61) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Child 1: Marie Jeanne FLEURY

Name: Marie Jeanne FLEURY
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Jean Michel GASCON ( - )
Spouse 2: Jean DESCOLOMBIERS ( - )
Spouse 3: Pierre DUMAS ( - )
Spouse 4: Pierre Robert LALOIRE ( - )
Birth Oct 4, 1671 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Death Sep 1, 1740 (age 68) St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada

Child 2: Marie Catherine FLEURY

Name: Marie Catherine FLEURY
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Nicolas BOIRE (bef1669-1716)
Spouse 2: Jean Baptiste PROULX (1651-1711)
Birth May 12, 1673 Sillery, Quebec, Canada
Baptism May 20, 1673 (age 0) Sillery, Quebec, Canada
Death "15 MAR 1751/1752" St. Genevieve, Quebec, Canada
Burial "15 MAR 1751/1752" St. Genevieve, Quebec, Canada

Note on Husband: Francis FLEURY

When Francois took his bride in 1670 she received in exchange a dowry

in the amount of 350 pounds. Jeanne Gilles was what you called "Les

Fille du Roi" in other words, a mail order bride or "Daughter of the

King of France" These woman were sent to Quebec (known back then as

New France) to marry the men that came to serve the King.

Approximately 800 landed in Canada. They made contracts for marriage

with men who had settled in the new world and usually married within a

few days or week of the contract signing.

Francois had a marriage contract with Amee Roux prior to signing the

contract with Jeanne Gilles however that contract had been officially

annulled. The annulment was dated Dec 6, 1669. Francois' occupation

was Baker. In the 1681 government census it showed Francois age 50

living in ST Augustin with his wife Jeanne age 37,and a few of his


Note on Wife: Jeanne GILLES

Jeanne was a mail order bride and, when she signed a contract with

Francois, she received a dowry in the amount of 350 pounds. There

were 800 women sent from france to marry the men who had been sent to

New France (Quebec) to do the kings work.