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Family of William John MCCARTHY and Roseanna MCDONNELL

Husband: William John MCCARTHY (c. 1844- )
Wife: Roseanna MCDONNELL (1843- )
Children: William R. MCCARTHY (1867- )
Alice A. MCCARTHY (1882- )
Helen A. MCCARTHY (1884- )
Joseph J. MCCARTHY (1889- )
Marriage Jan 20, 1867 Malden, MA

Husband: William John MCCARTHY

Name: William John MCCARTHY
Sex: Male
Father: William MCCARTY (1822- )
Mother: Margaret (1832- )
Birth c. 1844 County Cork, Ireland

Wife: Roseanna MCDONNELL

Name: Roseanna MCDONNELL
Sex: Female
Father: John MCDONNELL ( - )
Mother: Mary CROSE ( - )
Birth 1843 Ireland

Child 1: William R. MCCARTHY

Name: William R. MCCARTHY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susan B. "Susie" BOWLBY ( - )
Birth Nov 11, 1867 Malden, MA

Child 2: Alice A. MCCARTHY

Name: Alice A. MCCARTHY
Sex: Female
Birth Mar, 1882 Massachusetts

Child 3: Helen A. MCCARTHY

Name: Helen A. MCCARTHY
Sex: Female
Birth Jan, 1884 Massachusetts

Child 4: Joseph J. MCCARTHY

Name: Joseph J. MCCARTHY
Sex: Male
Birth Apr, 1889 Massachusetts

Note on Husband: William John MCCARTHY

In 1880, John worked in a shoe factory and lived next to his parents

in North Brookfield, with his wife Rose.