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Family of Jules Arthur ABRAMS and Sara Lee DEVENOW

Husband: Jules Arthur ABRAMS
Wife: Sara Lee DEVENOW (1953-2004)
Children: Benjamin Jacob ABRAMS
Charles Joseph ABRAMS

Husband: Jules Arthur ABRAMS

Name: Jules Arthur ABRAMS
Sex: Male
Father: Michael ABRAMS ( - )
Mother: Loretta WEINER ( - )

Wife: Sara Lee DEVENOW

Name: Sara Lee DEVENOW
Sex: Female
Father: Chester DEVENOW (1919-2005)
Mother: Marilyn FRUCHTMAN (1923-1980)
Birth Jun 3, 1953 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Death Aug 24, 2004 (age 51) Toledo, Lucas County, OH

Child 1: Benjamin Jacob ABRAMS

Name: Benjamin Jacob ABRAMS
Sex: Male

Child 2: Charles Joseph ABRAMS

Name: Charles Joseph ABRAMS
Sex: Male

Child 3: Samuel ABRAMS

Name: Samuel ABRAMS
Sex: Male