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Family of Irwin FRUCHTMAN and Shirley DIAMOND

Husband: Irwin FRUCHTMAN (1924-2011)
Wife: Shirley DIAMOND (1925-2006)
Children: Susan FRUCHTMAN
Marriage May 9, 1945

Husband: Irwin FRUCHTMAN

Sex: Male
Father: Charles Yechiel Chaim FRUCHTMAN (1889-1983)
Mother: Jennie NEIBERG (1902-1981)
Birth Aug 4, 1924 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Death Apr 4, 2011 (age 86) Toledo, OH
Burial Apr 6, 2011 Oregon, Lucas County, OH

Wife: Shirley DIAMOND

Name: Shirley DIAMOND
Sex: Female
Father: Ben DIAMOND ( - )
Mother: Evelyn BROWN ( - )
Birth May 7, 1925 Waukegan, IL
Death Sep 6, 2006 (age 81) Perrysburg, OH
Burial Oregon, Lucas County, OH

Child 1: Susan FRUCHTMAN

Sex: Female
Spouse: Joel ZANVILLE

Child 2: Jill FRUCHTMAN

Sex: Female
Spouse: William LANE

Note on Husband: Irwin FRUCHTMAN

Irwin was born in Toledo, August 4, 1924, to Charles and Jenny

Fruchtman. He attended grammar school in Toledo then went on to the

Kentucky Military Institute and the University of Michigan. He was a

veteran of the United States Navy. He was an active Industrialist and

involved in many businesses. In his early years he worked with his

father Charles and his brothers at the Donovan Wire & Iron Company.

Among other companies, they owned the Peters Stamping Company, Donovan

Steel Tube and Central Steel Tube of Clinton, IA. He was a life long

member of Temple B'nai Israel. What he cherished most was his family,

spending significant time with his children, grand-children and

great-grandchildren. He was an active part of their daily lives. He

married Shirley Diamond-Fruchtman on May 9, 1945. They were married

for 61 years. For much of their life they had the good fortune of

traveling together and spending time with friends and family. He lived

life to the fullest and always maintained a keen interest in local and

world events. Whenever asked how he was doing, he always said, "I'm

perfect!" regardless of the days circumstance. He enjoyed long walks,

going to movies and time with close friends.