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Family of Clarence E. ELSAS and Janet LEVI

Husband: Clarence E. ELSAS (1906-1973)
Wife: Janet LEVI (1914- )
Children: Betty Ann ELSAS
Sally Jane ELSAS
Marriage 1935

Husband: Clarence E. ELSAS

Name: Clarence E. ELSAS
Sex: Male
Father: Neo "Adolph" ELSAS (1876-1939)
Mother: -
Birth 1906
Death 1973 (age 66-67)

Wife: Janet LEVI

Name: Janet LEVI
Sex: Female
Father: Abraham LEVI (1863-1917)
Mother: Selena LEVY (1886-1975)
Birth 1914

Child 1: Betty Ann ELSAS

Name: Betty Ann ELSAS
Sex: Female

Child 2: Sally Jane ELSAS

Name: Sally Jane ELSAS
Sex: Female