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Family of Harold Phelps WEINBERG (Harby) and Thais Joyce JOHNSON

Husband: Harold Phelps WEINBERG (Harby) (1915-1977)
Wife: Thais Joyce JOHNSON
Children: Carolyn Joyce HARBY
Anita Louise HARBY

Husband: Harold Phelps WEINBERG (Harby)

Name: Harold Phelps WEINBERG (Harby)
Sex: Male
Father: Jacob Albert "Jake" WEINBERG (1879-1952)
Mother: Flora MOSES (1880-1948)
Birth Oct 23, 1915 Manning, SC
Death Jan 25, 1977 (age 61) Columbia, SC

Wife: Thais Joyce JOHNSON

Name: Thais Joyce JOHNSON
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph Henry Walter JOHNSON (1878-1954)
Mother: Myrtle Ivy COOPER (1890-1952)

Child 1: Carolyn Joyce HARBY

Name: Carolyn Joyce HARBY
Sex: Female
Spouse: David A. "Dave" SCHAEFER

Child 2: Anita Louise HARBY

Name: Anita Louise HARBY
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Studley CHASE

Note on Husband: Harold Phelps WEINBERG (Harby)

Legally added Harby to his name in 1943. Went by the name of Harold

P.W. Harby