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Family of Nathan "Nano" FLEISHER and Omalie MARCUS

Husband: Nathan "Nano" FLEISHER (c. 1890-1958)
Wife: Omalie MARCUS (1893-1984)
Children: Henry Carl FLEISHER (1913-1980)
Marriage 1912 Cleveland, OH
Divorce bef 1920

Husband: Nathan "Nano" FLEISHER

Name: Nathan "Nano" FLEISHER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1890 Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH
Death 1958 (age 67-68)

Wife: Omalie MARCUS

Name: Omalie MARCUS
Sex: Female
Father: Max MARCUS (1858-1934)
Mother: Minnie MARK (1866-1899)
Birth Apr 27, 1893 Asheville, NC
Death Mar 6, 1984 (age 90) Albuquerque, NM

Child 1: Henry Carl FLEISHER

Name: Henry Carl FLEISHER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Charlotte Isabel STEWART
Birth Aug 3, 1913 Augusta, GA
Death Apr 12, 1980 (age 66) Albuquerque, NM